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for the Savannakhet-Lao Bao 220KM Railway Project in Savannakhet Province, Lao People’s Democratic Republic which involved further, the 11-designated development zones on 4,100 hectors of land, envisaging the whole province into a multi developed infrastructure green environment. Mindful with experience over 35 years of directorship through various entities in commercial property development and project management. With extensive experience in research and development, testing & certification and manufacturing innovative building products for commercial construction.

·         Strong excellent communication skills – able to interact effectively at all levels of management.

·         Effective collaboration with business functions, reputed government leaders and private sectors, regulators and JVs to achieve common objectives.

·         Strong people skill – able to energize and mentor team for higher clients’ result.

·         Good strategist with sound business judgement / trouble shoot and resolve complex issues. 

·         Good PC skills

Furthermore, being involved in construction engineering for the past decade, personally engaged extensively in financial engineering network with associate business contacts throughout South East Asia and the rest of the world top notch financial leading players. 


Established as enterprising leader to my network, results-producing marketing professional with a proven record of accomplishment and demonstrated success in planning, coordinating and executing the sales and marketing effort. Adept at driving growth of company revenues and leading team members in the pursuit of organizational goal and objectives. 


Being very analytical, innovative and results-orientated senior executive and pool together  entrepreneurs with background in the financial services sector which requires working closely with many Chief Executive Directors by creating executive management team and trained up specialist in the field of Bank Debentures and Financial Instruments that requires project financial monetization’s under the tentative guidance in this Specialist Sector, skillfully use Market Intelligence, support revenue generation  and improved client company’s financial performance. 

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