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  1. Railway system with potential linkage to Vietnam and Thailand.

  2. Railway across Savannakhet Province, about 220 km from Savannakhet to Lao Bao only.

  3. To build electrified standard gauge double railway line with 11 railway stations.
  4. Rail transportation opportunities for heavy cargo and bulk cargo from mining activities.

  5. Railway design for up to 160 km per hour speed and design load capacity of 25 tonne axle load.

  6. Develop 11 Designated Development Zones (DDZs) encompassing on 4,100 hectares of land.
  7. 11 Railway Stations, one to each Designated Development Zone (DDZ) at Savannakhet, Nasay, Seno, Phangho (Atsaphangthong), Phalanxay, Dongbang (Mai Posi), Xethamouak, Vangkoung (Kammakon), Sepon, Dong & Densavan.

  8. Involves railway planning, town master planning, land survey, soil investigation, EIA study, hydrology study, buildings & infrastructure design work, land acquisition, tender, finance, construction work and maintenance.

  9. Create Catalysts for economic opportunities for Savannakhet Province.  




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