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Dato’ Sri Dr. Aixinjueluo Yuhao Chairman

Dato’ Sri Dr. Aixinjueluo Yuhao Chairman of Lao Construction Bank, Lao PDR Asia Economic & Trade Cooperation Council (AETCC - Lao PDR)  Asean Economic & Trade Center (AETC - Lao PDR).

Dato’ Sri Dr. Aixinjueluo Yuhao has over 30 years of experience in construction and arranging business funding, commercial management and securing appropriate consultants and contractors. He had lead many industry deals and projects through to completion throughout Asia and is well respected within the industry. He is advisor to the senior government officials in Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand and Singapore and the first Laotian (Lao PDR) to undertake huge project investments in Malaysia-Prefer1Malaysia .


It’s my privilege and honor to have all briefed on the project progress, we as Asia community and especially Lao PDR as a developing nation and for the pride of our country Lao PDR, bravely has accepted this huge challenge to be appointed as the main contractors supervision management consultant and to undertake construction of Savannakhet to Lao Bao railway task deemed as mega project for Lao PDR and in any other Asia community countries.

As the Main Supervision Management Consultant Manager, Asia Economic & Trade Cooperation Council has been appointed by Giant Rail Company Limited for implementing the project through complete studies been undertaking by AETCC, the proposed Savannakhet – Lao Bao 220km Railway Line which will be the backbone of the country’s railway logistics. This construed as finally realizing the earlier leaders’ ideas of linking East West Economic Corridor (EWEC) involving railway route from Myanmar-Thailand-Lao PDR and ending with the construction of “Deep Sea Port” in Dong Ha in Quang Tri Province, Vietnam. Directly strategizing the landlocked Lao PDR with the Sea Port will not only for spurning Lao PDR import and export economic activities but consolidating EWEC integration as well as indicating an appropriate development direction in order to stimulate the economics growth of the sub‐region effectively